Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Last Weekend's Halloweeny Nails.

Apologies again for lack of posting. I seem to do that every time I make a blog. Stick with it for a while them run away for a month or two. Yes this wasn't a month (or two) but it was still longer then I had intended.

So a certain someone whom I follow did Halloween nails and I liked one of the designs she did so much I decided to do something similar. Funny how that is because she was inspired by another blogger.

Anyway my weekend nails were orange with stitches (not quite patchwork) and skulls on my ring fingers for a bit of pattern breaking.

Not very fancy, but my friends seemed to like them. I would have kept them on longer but today I got a new Housing to put on my DS lite and in swapping out the housings my nails got pretty much ruined. So tonight or later today (is it really 4am?!) I'll be painting them again.

Hmm what to do....

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Walmart Polish-Blocked again!

So I was in Moses Lake last Friday and saw Walmart there had the fall colors and holo collections form Salon Perfect. At the time I was on a schedule and couldn't pick up any except two holos. So I went back on Tuesday and the display was 100% gone I scoured the entire cosmetics department incase they had simply moved it. But to no avail. I was quite upset because there were about 6 colors I had wanted. 

So today I'll be going to the closer Walmart that never has anything seasonal (as far as makeup/nail polish) in a last ditch effort to find these colors. I expect much disappointment.

In Summation:
Walmart is mean to me. :C

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Still sick, but painting again!

I'm finally getting over my 20 day (and counting) cold. Although my mum seems to have it now...

Anyway today I went shopping in town, a dangerous thing for me to do.... and came out with MORE POLISH. Mostly stuff I hadn't planned on getting but fell in love with when I saw them.

Here is a picture of the haul:

The three on the left are Wet-n-Wild MegaLast colors, apparently re-releases of last year's Pick Your Poison collection, I got Toxic Apple, Poison Ivy and Lethal Injection. Next to them is bottle a SinfulColors' Black Magic. Next to thaaat are two polishes my mom actually got for herself (which doesn't mean I'll never use them...) They are Sally Hansen NailGrowth Miracle in Sweet Sunrise and Mighty Mauve, these were on sale, half price I believe (don't quote me on that, I am really not sure). And finally Two of the Sally Hansen Magnetic polishes. Normally the Magnetics would have been around 10 dollars but Walgreens had them HALF-PRICE. So I HAD to get the two colors i have been eying for ever. Those Colors being Polar Purple and Ionic Indigo.

All told the 8 polishes came out to less than 25 dollars. My bill was $18 and change and my mom's was about $6.

So of course as soon as I got home I had to slap them all on. Wrestling with my camera tonight has been a chore so you only get to see the results of one hand's worth of polish. Four of the new colors all on my main digits.

From left to right, pinky to index, we have:
SinfulColors Black Magic over Snow Me White
Wet-n-Wild MegaLast, Lethal Injection
Wet-n-Wild MegaLast,  Toxic Apple
Wet-n-Wild MegaLast, Poison Ivy

SinfulColors' Black Magic is quite pretty and VERY Halloweeny with super fine dark grey glitter mixed with regular sized orange glitter. You can't see it well in the above photo but the distribution of the glitter was great even with me sloping it on like an idiot.

Wet-n-Wild Lethal Injection is what I would consider a lovely burgundy. It looks significantly less purply-pink in real life compared to my photo. Application was smooth as silk but did require two coats.

Wet-n-Wild Toxic Apple is what many people refer to as a "blurple" in the bottle it looks solid deep, ever so slightly blue tinted purple, on the nail it is a little shifty between royal blue and that same gorgeous purple shade the bottle promised. Application, again, was nice and smooth and also required two coats.

Wet-n-Wild Poison Ivy, where do I start with this utterly fantastic green..... It's like the deep woodsy green I never knew I was sorely missing. In the bottle it is gorgeous, on one's nail it is fantastic. It is easily one of my favorite greens ever as of today. Application was a little less that perfect. first coat was a pinch streaky, second coat cleared that up nicely however and after those two coats is was ready for a clear top coat.

And for funsies, want to see how my nails looked before i cleaned up the "stray" polish on my skin? OF COURSE YOU DO! It's a lovely fiasco. xD

Also look at how not glossy they looked! How icky!

Anyway tahtah for the night. Unless I get ambitions and try to get a good picture of my left hand too.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Quick update:

As you may or may not know I am a bit of a video game addict fan. Well on October 1st two games I have been waiting on were released. So for about 10 days I went into a game induced reclusive stage.

Then sometime around the 10th or 11th I got sick. Really, REALLY sick. I still am sick. Last time I did my nails was on the 12th for Pokémon X/Y's release. And here I sit on the 17th, still sick and still with pokeballs on my tips.

Also my nails managed to turn hideously yellow when I did an orange base with crackle as a test before possibly using the same combo on Halloween. Guess which orange I'm not using again until I get a better base coat.... or maybe since my nails already got messed up it doesn't matter much. xD

Along with being sick I have really bad anemia. Like so bad that the Doctor who saw my blood tests was telling me I was borderline needing a blood transfusion. I knew I was low in iron, but not THAT low. SO now I am taking three iron pills a day as well as my other regular meds and I need to get a new primary care provider to manage and follow my progress for this. My previous primary doctor retired... like a year and a half ago.... sooo I'm a bit over due for a regular check up and stuff. (I hate going to the doctor if you didn't notice)

Anyway maybe in a week or so I will be back to painting and posting. Depending on my health, and my energy levels.

See ya later guys.