Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sick again, and seasons suck.

So here I sit day one of being sick yet again. So not cool. Also my Seasonal Affective is kicking in pretty seriously. ALSO we had snow this morning. Snow in the first week of November is nearly unheard of here. Even if only a light dusting. So I went out in my sandals and took some pictures of the snow like the crazy person I am even though I was/am sick.

It was the really sticky kind of snow, because when I got up it was 33 degrees so things were getting melty.

AS FOR POLISH. I had some mail arrive last week. And thanks to it I was painting like crazy.

These are what I tend to do my "personal reference swatches" on. But since 200 of them arrived (as per my order) I may try using them for a bit of nail art practice.

And today I did some counting and not counting clear top/base/treatment polishes I haaaaaave:

153 bottles of polish! Kinda crazy for me to come to this realization as I have only been buying them since about this time last year. I don't even want to do the math on how much all that cost me.....

Later today I'll be posting actual nail polish photos instead of this post which is more of an "update I still am alive, barely" post. However before I leave and post this I want to throw in the nails I had on Halloween day:

It's "spooky eyes in the shadows" or "Miyazaki Soot Sprites" depending on the interpretation. Cute, simple and fast. Using Revlon Brilliant Strength Beguile as a base and eyes' pupils. Also using SinfulColors Snow Me White for the eyes' whites.

And that's all I have for you right now. I really need to take a nap. Tah-tah and happy painting!