Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Zoya Freebie Haul!

From Zoya's promotion get three polishes free if you pay 12 in shipping. I got the colors Chantal, Lael, and Wednesday. I'm excited to try them on my hands but at the moment I have a boo-boo on my index finger on my right hand which is the easiest hand to paint for me. Yay being a leftie and finger chewer. Anyway, here is my "unboxing" photos and then swatched on nail sticks.

When I saw this package in the mail box I danced back up the drive way.

Cute box that it was shipped in.

The bottles were pretty dusty inside box, but I'm used to dust.

The bottoms of the bottles showing their names.
The glass looks foggy because they were in my mail box all day and the cold cause some condensation when they came inside.
This is Zoya's Wednesday
This is Zoya's Lael

And finally Zoya's Chantal

I really, really like Lael. I got Chantal because I needed a nude color. And Wednesday is a lovely sort of pale sea foam, not sure how it will look on me but it'll be nice to have anyway.

Anyway when I get these painted on expect more pictures, but starting Friday I am taking a vacation form the internet prescribed by my psychiatrist. She thinks I may have an internet/video game/electronics addiction that is interfering with me getting goals done (such as getting my license). So, we'll see how that goes. I'll have lots of pictures to share after my "vacation" I think. xD

Monday, January 20, 2014

SinfulColors Gorgeous

SinfulColors Gorgeous really is gorgeous.

It's a frosty bright blue, that requires 2 coats for full opacity. It applies very evenly but is a bit sheer in one coat. My bottle happened to have a somewhat deformed brush, but it is still usable, and is not a usual occurrence. When you are applying be sure to use even straight stroked and make your coats fairly thin because it may show brush lines if applied to heavily.

First two photos are of the deformed brush:

As you can see it is wide and flat because of the bristles breaking out the side of the stick. This is not normal, and the only time I have ever run into this issue in any polish.

And this is what the bottle looks like, in the bottle it looks darker than it really is.

And here it is applied, two coats, and a quick dry top coat.

I plan to buy this again when I see it again so I can have plenty and not worry about running out.

Wet-N-Wild Toxic Apple

Blurple! Blurple is my new favorite word! It also describes Wet-N-Wild's Toxic Apple polish. It's from the Mega Last Pick Your Poison collection, which I first saw last year (2013) but has been in rotation every fall for a while, with a few different colors in the mix each time from what I gather.

Anyway, I got this just before Halloween and have not done a full paint job with it before. So here I am putting it on today and I decided to do a quick post/review/whatchamacallit about it. Here we go.

First of all in the bottle it looks very purple. Here is some photographic proof of that:

But as you apply it you will see there is a LOT of blue in there. My pictures really don't do justice to how beautifully blurple this polish is.

It is also very shimmery, which my photos also don't show very well. 

Applying the polish was a breeze, two coats are needed for full opacity, any more than that would just be over kill and not add much effect for the effort. The polish it's self is a teensy bit watery but definitely workable.

The brush on the Mega Last polish bottles are pretty great for a cheaper polish brand. I love how they cover a wider area and are rounded slightly so when you get to the "corners" of your nails and cuticles you are less likely to make a mess of yourself while painting.

Anyway, thaty's my 2 cents on my first blurple polish.

Also as a bonus for you guys, I want you all to meet Ivy who decided she needed to help me take pictures of the polish's bottle.

Such a little helper. She's a new addition to the family and is totally adorable and is enjoying getting into EVERYTHING. Ahh kittens..... Try painting your nails with a mewling fluff bucket on your shoulder, table, lap, head.... everywhere.

Anyway, good morning! What is everyone doing today?

Whoopsies, how time doth fly.

Here it is almost a month since my last post. Sorry about that. I have two paint jobs to share, and a count update. First the more boring of the things to share, my bedroom wall has a new addition. It is a fourth polish rack. Dear lord what have I become.

That is just over 200 bottles of polish. I swear I don't have a problem. ; n;

Anyway for new year I did a fireworks themed paint job and I was not thrilled with it but it was still fun.

The fireworks designs were done with acrylic art paint and the base color I am sad to say I have forgotten the brand and color of polish. Shame on me.

And finally something I tried a couple days ago. Interlocking dots!

Interlocking dots are super fun and pretty easy to do. I messed these up before I had a chance to clean them up completely but at least I got one picture even if they are messy as heck (even by my standards). The colors here were Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Mint Sorbet and Lacy Lilac.

Sometime around the 8th of next month I will have another bit of nail art to share. Hopefully I can pull it off without too many flubs. Later today, or maybe Tuesday I will have another post ready, hopefully.

Happy Painting!