Friday, July 31, 2015

Seven months of silence. Well then...

Super big apologies to myself, my blog and anyone who cares. I've always been horrible at blogging, but seven months is pretty bad....

This summer has been hard on my nails since I have started working as my mom's Home Care Aide, which basically means I clean. A lot. So I had my nails as short nubbins for a looong time and am finally letting them grow out again. Additionally I went mostly dark on my instagram due to haggard nails embarrassment.

In February I went on vacation to San Diego. In May my maternal Grandfather died. In June we had a massive heat wave that killed 6 of my mom's 8 rabbits. In July I turned 27 and we got a new(to us) car, and August I am planning to get my drivers license.  So. Busy year.

I do have a few pictures to share and will probably post them as a big cluster single post. I'll try to list all the polishes I used but some of them I will undoubtedly have forgotten by now.

Aaaany way. I plan to start posting more, but I do not recommend anyone hold their breath for my upcoming posts.

Quick picture from today. Took it with my cellphone so quality is not amazing, soooo yeah.

Base color is Milani "Deep Thoughts" and the accent nail is topped with ILNP "Luna" and my top coat on all nails was Glisten & Glow "H K Girl"

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