Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Throwing down some pictures!

These are just a few photos I took last night of the five polishes I got at Wal-mart on the 12th. There are three SinfulColors shades and two Pure Ice shades. I think I will start with the Pure Ice. :3

Pure Ice, Speechless (bottle)

Pure Ice Speechless (bottle and swatch)
Pure Ice, Speechless (swatch)

First you will probably be noticing the bottle looks dark but the polish looks pretty bright, yeah? Well that is because the swatch is on a clear stick with a white background and the polish it's self is a very sheer jelly style polish. It's a very vibrant, beautiful color but I know I would have to tone it down somehow to have it look good on me, I will probably use it over a darker color in the future.

Pure Ice, Laven-dare (bottle)

Pure Ice, Laven-dare (bottle and swatch)

Pure Ice, Laven-dare (swatch)
 So I love this color, not so much the way it applies.... Shown here is two coats on a swatch stick and you can clearly see it is still pretty streaky. The color is so pale I almost thought it was a pale-gray-off-white, but it is actually a very subtle purple-off-white. It reminds me more of faded Lilacs than Lavender but regardless it is gorgeous. I will be interested to see how it looks on my actual nails and if it will smooth out after adding a top coat as many super pale colors tend to in my experience.

On to Sinful Colors!

SinfulColors, Island Coral (bottle)
SinfulColors, Island Coral (bottle and swatch)
SinfulColors, Island Coral (swatch)
Wowza that's blinding. It's a lot less IN YO' FACE when you look at it in real life. My camera decided "Lets see if we can't blind people with this color!" Basically imagine the color pictured toned down a level, it's actually very pretty and while I don't see myself using it for full coverage it will be great for nail art!

SinfulColors, Mint Apple (bottle)
SinfulColors, Mint Apple (bottle and swatch)

SinfulColors, Mint Apple (swatch)

My camera needs a kick in the teeth. This color is much more pale in the real world. It's a gorgeous shimmery green color that I have been wanting for a while, finally found and HAD to buy. It applies pretty solid in two coats and is not streaky at all unless you actually have too little polish on the applicator brush. It's super SUPER pretty. Just sayin'.

SinfulColors, Rise & Shine (bottle)

SinfulColors, Rise & Shine (bottle and swatch)
SinfulColors, Rise & Shine (swatch)
This is a beautiful green leaning teal with a subtle shimmer. It's a pinch streaky in application but I'm sure that can be mastered by people with better technique then me. I really love this color because it is so bold and all around pretty. And I am not sure when I will use it first on myself but I want to use it in something awesome that does justice to the color.

Anyway, there they are. This post took me two days to finish thanks to interruptions form friends, then needing to sleep, and after that being lazy! xD

Happy painting! 8D

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