Friday, May 9, 2014

Here I am! First Week of May Update.

It's been a while, I apologize. My notorious blog laziness has apparently struck with a vengeance.


Spring has sprung and so have my allergies! Also my desire to garden.... My nails are pretty short currently to accommodate my gardening and yard/house work. But I am still painting them! Today's nails I used three colors on, all of which I bought/received this last week. Here are some pictures:

The blue I used for the base color is Bonita, Ride the Waves. Bonita is a new brand for me that my RiteAid has just started carrying. I don't know if it, as a brand, will be permanent but for now I very much like what I see.

The purple streaks were done with Wet-n-Wild, Buffy the Violet Slayer. That shade of purple is very dark yet very bright, and I see myself using it for accents and nail art, but not generally as a main full coverage color, even if it is super pretty. To get the streaks I used a fan brush and dipped the tips of the bristles in the purple polish then brushes it on lightly.

The purple around the lightning bolt is Zoya PixieDust, Carter. I got this as part of my Zoya Earth Day Sale haul and I'm glad I did. Pictures never do justice to textured glitter polishes, but this color sis very shiny and glittery. the lightning bolt shape was achieved using a Nail Vinyl so it was pretty easy to do.

Added Bonus: I have a very short video of my nails today that was meant to show off the sparkle of the Zoya polish I used:

Next up! I have two videos of my most recent hauls.

 In the fist video we have the following colors:
Expressions Nail Paint (No color name on bottle); Wet-n-Wild MegaRocks, Gettin' Amped; Wet-n-Wild Mega Rocks, Stick It To The Man; Bonita, Ride The Waves; Bonita, Royal Highness; Wet-n-Wild FastDry, Buffy The Violet Slayer and Wet-n-Wild FastDry, Saved By The Blue

And in the second video all the polishes are Zoyas the colors are: Neve, Carmen, Hunter, Chita, Godiva, Sunshine, and Carter.

 All of the swatches shown in the videos is with two coats of the color they are displaying. I do that with all my "swatch sticks" to ensure I can know how opaque or sheer any given color is in two coats.

Well this is all I can manage to write tonight due to my being sleepy, it is 3am after all by the time I finished editing it's actually closer to 4am now ; n;... Goodnight everyone and I hope I will start posting more again. <3

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